A patented technology for ex-vivo kidney perfusion for reconditioning and evaluation of donor kidneys from uncontrolled DCD donors.

Ex-vivo kidney perfusion

The system comprises a durable perfusion machine, a single-use disposable organ reservoir, and perfusion fluids. The system is under development.

Pushing the limits

Pre-clinical studies have shown restored kidney function after 4.5 hours of warm ischemia in an uncontrolled DCD model. This implicates a possible increase in the organ donor pool by enabling out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims to become kidney donors in a large scale - without any changes to the resuscitation treatment that every cardiac arrest victim receives.

Kidney replacement therapy

Transplantation is the preferred way to treat chronic kidney disease. However, due to the deficit of donor kidneys, many patients are on dialysis waiting for a transplant. Transplantation is not only decreasing mortality and increasing quality of life among patients, it's also cost-efficient for the healthcare system due to the high costs of dialysis.


A world without shortage of transplantable donor kidneys.


To restore and significantly improve quality of donor kidneys making more kidneys transplantable.

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